Aimart Logistics


Air Freight

Aimart Logistics, a major name in the air freight industry, creates efficient and flexible supply chains for customer; we do this by coordinating Air Freight globally through flights operated by leading cargo airlines.

We have extensive experience and reputation as an international air freight transporter. We also offer various Air Freight services, meeting your criteria for transit time, choice of pick-up and delivery options. Our routes and services based on our experience in risky trans-shipment points and expertly evaluation cost benefits against transit time. A main advantage of our Air Freight Services offer is that, we are able to secure the capacity you need where you need it and when you exactly need it.

Aviation Support

We are in partnership with notable Independent Aviation  Organization in Nigeria, operating ground handling and aviation support to both private and corporate foreign airlines. Our main objective in Aviation industry is to satisfy our clients completely by providing the best services with affordable prices. We have well experienced personnel, who have worked in various airlines and aviation industry for many years with good relationship around the globe.

Our services include:

1. Shipments consolidating for efficiency.

2. Total supply chain management.

3. Tracking and tracing of shipments.

4. A cost effective, door-to-door, airfreight services worldwide.

5. Direct Airfreight (door-to-airport) full range options.